World first business class email and social media campaigns with
a versatile, easy and secure approach

Boost your Sales in the Easiest Way

Reach to Targeted Customers is more effective in Sales than contact with random people. SamuraiStorm, the Intuitive Campaign Platform, helps you to reach your actual customers and leads you to the final Deal.

  • Reach to your Targeted Customers
  • Track your Customers’ Response
  • Make a final Deal
  • Enhance your Sales Volume

Retain your Customers with Regular Attachment

SamuraiStorm helps you to build a long lasting relationship with your customers. You don’t just want one-time customer. You can keep them coming back again and again by sending Reorder emails, Social Media Attachment and others stunning features of Samurai Storm.

  • Recommend solutions that fit Customers’ needs
  • Provide information about New Products & Services
  • Persuasive Promotional Offers
  • Lucrative & Effective Social Media Attachment

Generate the Brand Awareness

The cutting edge slicing technology of SamuraiStorm confirms your Visibility and Reputation to the online arena, which builds your Brand Awareness to your customers.

  • Give Voice to your Customers by Campaign
  • Increase High Impact Responses
  • Convey your Visual Identity and Core Values
  • Establish your Brand

Tailor with your Customers

The best tailoring with the customers gives the best fit in Sales. SamuraiStorm comes with a strong Customer Contact Management System, which deploys your best Business success. Different metrics’ reports will help you to make your proper decisions.

  • Run time relevant Campaign
  • Monitor your Customers’ behavior
  • Execute personalized driven approach
  • Build a customer loyalty

Increase your Website Traffic

Bulk email services and Social Media Campaigns increase your website traffic. Samurai Storm with its multiskilled features drive your targeted visitors to your website.

  • More traffic, more leads.
  • More leads, more sales.
  • More sales, more business.

Powerful Marketing with a Gorgeous Approach

Personalized email Marketing is one of the most powerful & latest marketing tools in the present online business world. Samurai Storm brings this power with a Gorgeous Approach (aesthetic visibility). So, the power turns into an Art force for Money Making and Peaceful Mind.

  • Personalized email Marketing
  • Direct email Marketing
  • High impact Graphical mail
  • Attractive for Customer Response
  • Smart Marketing

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