Contact Manager

Simplify your scheduled life through our Intelligent & Intuitive Contact Manager

ONE place for all of your Contacts

Maintain your contacts in a centralized contact management system. You can easily store multi types of contact information in numerous fields. Integrate your tasks, notes and emails in ONE place.

  • Centralized Contact Manager
  • Multi types of Data field
  •  Contacts Security
  • Tasks & Notes Management

Track your Deals & Business

Monitor your different deals in various stages, customize your what-to-do-list (tasks), follow it and generate your revenues at best.

  • Deal Tracking
  • Tasks list customization
  • Monitor your Revenue

Use the Search Intelligence

Quickly, search your desired & exact contact information with SamuraiStorm’s Intelligent Multi conditional (Filter) search features. For example- you can easily find out the number of children your employees have, in a moment, and so on.

  • Intelligent Search
  • Versatile Contact Filter
  • Find your data Quickly

Campaign Integration

One click contact list integration with our email campaign and social media campaign platform. You will get the best result through our personalized campaign system.

  • Contact list integration with campaign
  • Personalized email campaign
  • Customized social campaign
  • Increase your Revenues

Intuitive Contact Group

SamuraiStorm’s Intuitive features save your valuable time. No need any overwhelmed effort to segment your contact list. Small effort but smart job.

  • Smart group feature
  • Automatic group segmentation
  • Effective group collaboration